Estes Park Paino Tuner

Estes Park Paino Tuner
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Susan Novy, the Estes Park Piano Tuner, has been tuning pianos since 2005. If you need a tune-up in Estes Park or the surrounding areas of Allenspark, Drake, Glen Haven or Pinewood Springs, give a call at (970) 577-1755 for an appointment. In the summer when Trail Ridge Road is open, I'll also go to the Grand Lake area for piano tune-ups.

Sometimes, pianos are so out of tune that they require a couple of tune-ups. Any piano within a 10% range of tuning, will only require one tuning; but if it's over 10% off, it will require 2 or more tunings before you can expect it to hold it's tune for 6 months. Humidity will cause a piano to go out of tune quicker than the temperature will. However, most temperature changes have to due with some kind of humidity coming in. Luckily, we're in the mountains and the humidity is fairly stable - or non-existant.

I don't do a lot of technical work on pianos, just the basic string replacement and easy fixes. 




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